Get Outdoors Contest Winners

We couldn’t have been more honored by the number of quality entrants that submitted very thoughtful, engaging, honest and funny stories. It made it very hard to select the winners for each category but two groups stood out from the rest and we would like to welcome them to the Tubbs family!

Sacramento Inner City Outings
Sacramento is a volunteer-run non-profit that works with kids from homeless shelters, foster group homes, food bank and family services programs, and at-risk school groups. Most of these kids live within view of the mountains, but have never been in them before. Most of them haven’t been exposed to the natural world, even though their life circumstances make them most in need of the thrill and adventure and fun and peace that the outdoors can bring. Our outings allow participants to have fun and be kids for the day- leaving their worries behind for a few hours. We help build their self-confidence as they push through the challenge of climbing a peak, which inevitably leads to future adventures that the kids themselves request- “Can we try a bigger mountain next time?”

Last year we were able to get 55 kids out in the snow. Without the expense of renting snowshoes, we can get over 200 kids out per year. Projecting out 10 years, that’s at least 1,500 more kids who will experience the magic of winter—kids that don’t normally have a lot to smile about.

Sacramento Inner City Outings Hiking / Tubbs Snowshoes Get Outdoors    Tubbs Get Outdoors

Tubbs Snowshoes Get Outdoors


Alaska Native Cultural Charter School

Alaska Native Cultural Charter School (ANCCS) is a K-8 public Title I school (90% low-income) in Anchorage, Alaska. Anchorage is home to the Dena’ina people. Over 80 percent of ANCCS students are of Alaska Native heritage. Families make a conscious choice to have their children attend our school. Our academic program is enhanced with Alaska Native culture. Native elders and adults tell stories and demonstrate cultural traditions, such as skinning a seal or drying salmon strips. Students gain cultural knowledge, identity, and pride. Tangluk (snowshoes) have been a part of the traditional culture in Alaska for centuries—yet most of our urban students have never been on snowshoes! Snowshoeing will instill cultural knowledge and nurture our youth to become healthy role models for future generations.

Tubbs Snowshoes Get Outdoors   Tubbs Snowshoes Get Outdoors

Tubbs Get Outdoors


We are thrilled to be able to provide snowshoes for these two wonderful programs to get kids and teens outside and active in the snow. Be sure to checkout the blog frequently during the next several months to read regular updates about their adventures!