This is why I do what I do.

Terry, Backcountry Ambassador

Living in the PNW, just at the base of the North Cascade Range, I am afforded all types of outdoor activities. Initially I was strictly into hiking and camping, but soon found myself spending the winter months in the gym to stay physically fit while my mind dreamed about the mountains.

About 3 years ago that all changed when I purchased my first pair of snowshoes, Tubbs Xplore. Within a week of their arrival I was on Mountain Loop Highway, in January, in some of the best conditions imaginable. The freedom to be on or off trail, fresh powder or groomed, was very liberating and rewarding. There was no going back. I was and still am hooked.

That first season brought many great adventures and even greater memories as I started snowshoeing with friends and family. We hit the trails twice a week, never going to the same location twice. The wheels were set in motion and winter would never be the same.

Summers are spent constantly planning my next outing. A avid hiker, backpacker, camper and over all outdoor enthusiast, this is the perfect gateway to scout trails and locations for the winter season. Snowshoe season.

Last summer I made the hike up Mount Dickerman in the North Cascade Range. Immediately, I realized I had to snowshoe this route. The 8.6 miles and 3875 feet of elevation gain would be tough, and the conditions (ice, north face cliffs and avalanche danger) questionable at best.

Months passed and I found myself geared up and ready for the toughest event of my life. Both mentally and physically. Several hours, 4+ miles, more than a vertical mile, and 7 new friends later… I was at the top. I could not be more proud of myself and was in such awe of the natural beauty surrounding me.

Since that initial winter, I have grown and expanded my style of snowshoeing. Camping, shoeing in the dark and tackling tougher terrain, all the while growing as a individual and with others who frequent the routes with me. Everyone who tries it appreciates the experience on multiple levels, it brings us closer to one another and puts a emphasis on the importance of being outdoors.

This is why I do what I do. Being outdoors is where we belong, regardless of the season.