Snowshoeing Attracts Family Visitors

Sister and Tribe

Jan, Day Hiking Ambassador

Posting photos from our snow shoe trips has attracted family from all over the country to reach out to us. They see the stunning places snowshoes have taken us and are inspired to experience the snowy mountain trails for themselves. We really enjoy planning places to explore and taking others with us, and enjoy being able to add to their experience by letting them try Tubb’s gear. Here are a few snapshots from this season so far.

My brother recently visited from Florida with his girlfriend, and snow shoed our favorite trail in Gypsum with us.  At about 9,000 foot elevation, the climb was a challenge yet they enjoyed getting to experience the snow and beautiful backcountry. This was their first time on snowshoes and it was so exciting to show them what I am so passionate about. They got to try the new FLEX Series, he in the FLEX VRT’s and she in the FLEX RDG’s.

Brother #1

Brother #2

My cousin visited from Indiana, and though not a novice to snowshoeing, she couldn’t wait for the chance to experience it in the mountains of Colorado. We went for several miles before taking a well-earned lunch break. She enjoyed trying the FLEX ALP, which helped tackle the extremely deep snow and gave her the stability needed to enjoy the breathtaking views.

Cousin #2DCIM116GOPRO

Getting to snowshoe with your kids is special, particularly when they initiate the plan. My son recently visited us from Denver and he got to try out Kelly’s FLEX VRT’s and was impressed with the boa closure system with the snug fit providing great stability. Great gear makes the outings more memorable.

Chris #2

We were delighted to host my sister from Denver and her family from Minnesota. Altogether, there was 8 of us and with our growing collection of Tubbs Snowshoes gear, we were able to outfit everyone, most of who were snowshoeing for the first time.

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