Why Snowshoe Racing is Your New Favorite Winter Sport


Landon, Backcountry Ambassador

As an avid runner as well as a lover of all things snowshoe related I have been looking forward to the marriage of those two interests in what has become my new favorite winter sport; snowshoe racing. As a long distance runner I generally prefer races in the 50k range and for me those races have to be on trail, not on a road. So a few months ago while planning my 2015 race schedule I decided to try out a 25k snowshoe race as a way to try and keep myself honest during the winter training months. What I got was more than I expected in more ways than one. From this experience I learned exactly why snowshoe racing is your new favorite winter sport, and just to prove it here are 5 reasons why you already love it and you didn’t even know.

1. You Love Being Outdoors and Active
I already know this about you and it’s obviously true. Let’s be honest, your average “couch potato” doesn’t spend much time on a snowshoeing blog. So now that this fact is in the open let’s apply it. Snowshoe racing is 100% an outdoors and it is certainly active, two things you already love. This is the first and biggest reason why snowshoe racing is your new favorite winter sport. Need more convincing? Keep reading.

2. You Love Snowshoeing
This is another easy one for the same reason I know you love being outdoors and active. Maybe I should just stop this list and tell you when and where to sign up? If you are reading this you enjoy snowshoeing so much that it’s not enough to just snowshoe, you have to read about it. You are what we call a snowshoe nerd. It’s okay, I’m the same way and it’s what makes us awesome.

3. You Love Having Fun
We are starting to understand each other a bit better, right? To prove it let me say I also know we both love having fun. Do you see where I’m going with this? Well snowshoe racing is an absolute blast! It’s hard not to love toeing the starting line with friends, family and complete strangers for whichever distance you prefer from a 5k to a 50k. If your idea of having fun is a non-competitive romp with friends and soon to be friends then a 5k or 10k is your ticket. If fun for you is pushing yourself to new limits then maybe a 25k or 50k is your speed. Either way you love having fun so you already love snowshoe racing.

4. You Love Making Snowshoe Buddies
Snowshoeing constantly gets beat out in sheer numbers by skiing and snowboarding so meeting people who enjoy snowshoeing as much as you do is always fun (see reason #3 incase you need a reminder that you love having fun). If you’re looking for new snowshoe buddies look no further than a snowshoe race. It’s like a bright shinny bug zapper that attracts those who love snowshoeing as much as you do, except in this case the zap isn’t lethal and those “zapped” come back year after year.

5. You Love a Challenge
By now you should know that by your simple reading of this post I know a lot about you. For example I know you love snowshoeing so therefore I know that you love a challenge. While skiers and snowboarders are taking the easy way to the top of a mountain and gliding their way down you are out there working for each new site, sound and scent. You love the challenge and you enjoy pushing yourself a bit. A snowshoe race is a bit different from running and it’s not your typical sport by any means, things that just add to the challenge of it for you. Face it, you love snowshoe racing.

If you’re still reading this post and haven’t already jumped over to Google to find the nearest snowshoe race you now have my permission. It’s no secret why snowshoeing is your new favorite winter sport, it incorporates everything you already love, being outdoors, spending time with friends, making friends and of course you love a challenge. Go ahead, take the plunge and try it then try tell me you aren’t hooked after your first race.