The Spring Conditions are Amazing in the North Cascades!


Terry, Backcountry Ambassador

Spring has definitely settled here in the PNW, but we continue to get some really quality snow in the higher elevations. Quality snow combined with bluebird skies and a great trail equal some outstanding snowshoeing.

 This weekend I set out early to a location I visited earlier this winter minus my Read More

Snowshoeing Memories from the Warmest Winter Ever


Maciej, Backcountry Ambassador

I used my skis twice this year, despite the fact that I purchased a season’s pass. The conditions for winter fun in Washington were truly dismal, in fact, the worst I can remember since I moved to Seattle in 2006.We have all done a lot of whining and complaining about the weather but Read More

PNW Spring. The New Winter.


Terry, Backcountry Ambassador

The forecast for this weekend was snow at levels that dropped to 1500′ here in the North Cascades. Normally that would not be a surprise, but we are a month into Spring following a Winter that produced alarmingly low snow accumulations. Regardless, this was music to my ears.

This morning Read More

Taking a First Time Snowshoer into the Backcountry


Becca, Backcountry Ambassador

We loaded up 5 pairs of snowshoes into the back of the car and navigated our way through the windy Colorado mountain roads. I was excited to introduce my family to snowshoeing, and had rented a fire lookout for a night, perched high at 12,000 ft. with a stellar view Read More


14 On trail 1

Tim, Backcountry Ambassador

Ingredients: Group morale on the trail, why it’s important, how to recognize
when it’s leaving and how to get it back.

 Tolerance for physical exertion, the environmental extremes of heat, cold and rain, level of conditioning, group make-up and comfort level in being miles from civilization can all have an impact on a person’s Read More

Avalanche Awareness


Brooke, Backcountry Ambassador

Several years ago, as John and I were heading into REI to rent some snowshoes, I saw a flier advertising about a free “Know Before You Go”, avalanche awareness class. To be honest, up until that point I had recreated very little in the winter, and had never spent much time considering Read More

Snowshoeing with Newbies


Landon, Backcountry Ambassador

I love snowshoeing. Any day outside in the snow is a good day. However, getting snowshoeing newbies outside is even more gratifying and exciting than going it alone. Being able to share my love of snowshoeing with first-timers is a total blast, but making sure your newbie friends have a good time Read More

Apostle Islands Winter Adventure

19 Departure

Tim, Backcountry Ambassador

It’s certainly been a challenging year for snow fall local to the Twin Cities (MN). We had a nice snowfall early in November and everyone was optimistic for another big snow year. Slowly that began to fade however with a brown Christmas and a lack of interest in our first scheduled outing on Read More

Family, Colorado and first time snowshoers.


Terry, Backcountry Ambassador

My wife and I recently made the trip to SLC for the #HikerChat snowshoe event co-hosted by Tubbs Snowshoes. Arriving a few days early, we planned on making the drive to Pagosa Springs, Colorado and visit my brother, sister in law and niece at their home there. We packed our bags, including 4 Read More

Why Snowshoe Racing is Your New Favorite Winter Sport


Landon, Backcountry Ambassador

As an avid runner as well as a lover of all things snowshoe related I have been looking forward to the marriage of those two interests in what has become my new favorite winter sport; snowshoe racing. As a long distance runner I generally prefer races in the 50k range Read More