Winter High


Many have said that the adventure and excitement of a backcountry trip starts well before the team hits the trailhead. Given that our first outing of the 2014 season to Eagle Mountain, MN was scheduled in late December 2013, a full 3 weeks after sufficient snowfall, I would agree! I slept in the back yard Read More

Q & A with Tim

Name: Tim T

Where did you grow up? Green Bay, WI, yes a Packer Fan!

Where do you live now? Lino Lakes, MN just north of the Twin Cities

3 things we should know about you?

-I lived in Dallas for a few years but moved back to the mid-west for the seasons, primarily missed winter.

-On my first winter Read More

Q & A with Maciej

Name: Maciej M

Where did you grow up? Tatra Mountains, Poland, town of Zakopane

Where do you live now? Seattle, WA

3 things we should know about you?  Avid skier, cook and baker, green thumbs

When did you first try snowshoeing?  About 7 years ago

Favorite beverage while snowshoeing? Hot tea with raspberry juice

Favorite snack while on the trails? Nuts

What Read More

International Adventure


-Maciej M.

Backcountry Ambassador

It was 4:30 in the morning. I woke up with great anticipation. It was still dark outside but I was itching to start my adventure. I was going to see Drei Zinnen (Three Peaks) today! Located in the Southern Tirol, these magnificent peaks, so called because of their unique appearance are Read More



-Tim T.

Backcountry Ambassador

One of the most memorable winter backpack/snowshoe trips was in the forests of northern Wisconsin. It was just two of us and we went off trail. After an hour or so we came up over a ridge that overlooked a lake. We noticed a cabin nestled in the pines. Curiosity, coupled with nothing Read More

Remember To Take it All In

-Suzann L.  Backcountry Ambassador

Too often when I snowshoe I’m looking down to make sure I’m stepping where I’m supposed to be. So this excursion I decided to try to look around more at my surroundings and notice the little things (and big things!). We drove up to Jardine, Montana, which overlooks Yellowstone National Park and Read More

Why I Volunteer for the Romp

February 9, 2013, University of Minnesota Arboretum. Cloudy, windy, but not cold, in the 20’s. It felt colder, though, because it was damp and windy. Despite the dreary day, over 100 people showed up to walk in the woods and raise money for breast cancer research.

Lots of groups have costumes, lots of pink, tiaras, all Read More

Frozen Waterfalls


Backcountry Ambassador

Snowshoes – check. Snowpants – check. Warm clothes – check. I was mentally going over my packing list as I loaded the car with gear to set off into Hyalite Canyon near Bozeman, Montana. We weren’t sure what area we wanted to explore, but had a map of the area to choose from.

As we Read More

Bob’s submission essay – Backcountry


Snowshoeing to Extremes 

Backcountry snowshoeing, strictly speaking, is so esoteric it barely exists.  Not that many people camp, compared to the general population; fewer still winter camp; fewer still tromp around in snowshoes.

But even for those that do, it can hardly be called dangerous.  Slow, occasionally exerting—but when was the last time Read More

Suzann’s submission essay – Backcountry


To define brazen is being bold without shame. Snowshoeing into the backcountry at the base of Mount Rainier with blizzard like conditions, as I’m packing an abundant spaghetti dinner including a full bottle of wine I believe hits both of those points. It all started when I wanted to do something Read More