Timing is Everything

-Brent and Dorian

Day Hiking Ambassador

For many of us, snowshoeing becomes a bit of an addiction. We have watched the hook get set deep for many first timers. It’s definitely brings different things to different people. One of the aspects of getting out there, is a relationship with nature. And nature certainly is one huge topic. Read More

Never forgetting your first


-Kathy W.

Day Hiking Ambassador

They say “you never forget your first”.

‘Way back in 2002, my husband and I purchased our first snowshoes in anticipation of a Christmas vacation and visit with our son in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

At the time, I wasn’t exactly a “snow bunny”, in fact, I did everything I could to avoid Read More

Wilderness adventure


-Rich K.

Day Hiking Ambassador

The stream forms a threshold, and beyond it lies only snow.

I lay the snowshoes upon the snow. I have hastened to this point, one third of the way up the northern slope of Vermont’s Hunger Mountain. Below the stream the trail is well-trodden and broken, above, obscured and white. I Read More

Fresh Tracks on Snowshoes


-Tom L.

Day Hiking Ambassador

 I followed the snowplow on the road into Carver Park and was the first snowshoer to make fresh tracks on the snowy trails and fondly recalled how I had done the very same thing six years ago when I first started snowshoeing regional parks around the Twin Cities. Much to Read More

The Luminary Loppet

-Anne M.  Day Hiking Ambassador

Home to numerous lakes and a large Scandinavian population, Minneapolis hosts an annual City of Lakes Loppet. A loppet is a Scandinavian term for a long-distance endurance event, namely cross-country skiing. In Minneapolis, it includes cross-country skiing, skijoring, fat tire bicycling, and snowshoeing, not to mention bonfires, ice luminaries, snow sculptures, Read More

North Shore Snowshoe Hike


Day Hiking Ambassador

North Shore Snowshoe Hike

Everyone knows a planned outdoor trip always changes and the North Shore snowshoe hike on the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) was no different.  My wife Susan and I left home expecting to do a boot hike on compacted icy trails, but as we approached Duluth, Minnesota it was Read More

Chasing down a Rumor

-Anne M.

Day Hiking Ambassador

January was a hit or miss month for snowfall in Minnesota. Warm ups followed by bitter wind chills made snowshoeing a challenge. During one particularly snowy weekend, my friends and I heard a rumor about ungroomed snowshoe trails at a state park about an hour northeast of the Twin Cities. We had Read More

Enjoy the Day


Day Hiking Ambassador

Snow was in the forecast as my friend Alison and I drove to the North Shore of Minnesota for 2 days of winter camping with friends at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park. Hoping for deep snow we hiked enjoying the sights around Lake Superior. Snow arrived during the night, but to our dismay Read More

Minnesota’s Season Opener


Day Hiking Ambassador

Winter has finally arrived in Minnesota, bringing with it a foot of fresh powdery snow. It’s about time! I couldn’t wait to hit the trails, so I grabbed my friend Colleen, my dog Lucy, and loaded up the snowshoes for what promised to be a “mellow” hike through a restored prairie at Afton Read More

Anne’s Submission – Day Hiking

I love to explore. I live to explore. Growing up in northern Michigan, I spent my entire childhood exploring the steep hills, beach-maple forests, and old fields in search of new adventures. The outdoors was, and still is, my playground from sun up to sun down. Especially during winter, when familiar sights take on a Read More