First Snowshoe of the Season

First Snowshoe of the season

Michelle, Day Hiking Ambassador

It was beginning to feel like winter was never going to come. Up until a day ago I hadn’t even taken out my snow pants, snowshoes and my other winter gear. It was becoming depressing. I had never gone this long without snow before.

This morning when I woke up, I could tell Read More

New Year, New Traditions


Michelle, Day Hiking Ambassador

Mike and I snowshoe into the Ottawa River every year but on no particular day. This year we decided to go on New Years Day. We figured it was a good way to start the New Year with some exercise and outdoor time.  Now that we are a family Read More

What Your New Year’s Resolution List Should Be

Tiffany, Day Hiking Ambassador

The infamous questions, “What are your New Year’s Resolutions?” Everyone has heard it. Is this question friend or foe, however? While some may deem the January first tradition as overdone and pointless, many others believe it is a chance to begin a new year in another, fresh light. In our pursuance of Read More

Two Days of Winter Wonderland


Seattle, Day Hiking Ambassador

For the past two months, my friends have had to listen to me whine about how much I wanted it to snow so I could go snowshoeing.  I probably snowshoed every  day last winter, and there is nothing more that I want right now than to finally hit the snowy trails again.

Unfortunately Read More

ABC’s of Snowshoeing


Sheila, Day Hiking Ambassador

“Now I know my ABC’s, aren’t you very proud of me” — so goes the rhyme we all learned as little children…and learning the alphabet opened the door to a world of endless opportunities! Well, getting involved in snowshoeing opens many doors as well, doors to experiences in the outdoors Read More

OH NO! El Niño?!

Boundary Peak — 1906 Series

Kim, Day Hiking Ambassador

Well, yes, it should come as no surprise as we had heard the predictions for months now. But being a glass half full type of person I didn’t really allow myself to believe it. I mean, we had been looking forward to snowshoeing season ever since we stowed away our snowshoes Read More

Destination Okanagan: Places to Snowshoe in the Okanagan Valley


Stephen, Day Hiking Ambassador

The scenic Okanagan Valley in beautiful British Columbia is well known for it’s sunny beaches, sprawling fruit orchards and world famous wines, but did you know, it’s also a snowshoer’s paradise? Resting on the 49th parallel with the US, in south central, BC, the Okanagan shares in the outdoor Read More

Winter Smart Phone Tips That Could Save Your Skin


Tiffany, Day Hiking Ambassador

It’s easy to underestimate even a familiar hike in the winter time. I know this because I have been there. We can create a false sense of security knowing that we have seen a certain trail before or we have overall experience in the outdoors. While these may be true, the hike Read More

Balancing the Yang of Snowshoe with the Yin of Yoga

Photo #5end

Jan, Day Hiking Ambassador

Snowshoeing is gaining popularity as a winter activity that can increase your fitness level and is a great way to get or stay in shape during the winter months. Since this activity also works the heart muscle, it is considered aerobic and is an excellent form of low impact exercise. There aren’t Read More

Is the early season teasin’?


Brent and Dorian, Day Hiking Ambassadors

Well, yes that is a bit of lame rhyming, but it does capture our gun shy thoughts about the pending 2015/16 winter. After all, we pretty much got completely skunked last year. We didn’t even get one lousy quinzee, igloo, or snow cave built. We don’t even remember how many Read More