Finding The Snow


Jen, Family Ambassador

Mother nature doesn’t always cooperate during the winter months. (Well, any of the months…) We have started this winter much like last year – one day of snow so far and not even enough to break out the snowshoes. Tired of watching our Tubbs gather dust, we finally took matters unto our own Read More

Why I love introducing people to snowshoeing


John, Family Ambassador

I recently had the opportunity to take some of my cousins-in-law snowshoeing on Mt. Hood the day after Thanksgiving. That day has always been a day for adventuring even if it has only just this year been widely adopted thanks to REI’s #OptOutside campaign. This trip was one that reminded me of some of Read More

Ten Benefits of Snowshoeing

Ten Benefits of Snowshoeing

Kovas, Family Ambassador

Snowshoeing first started approximately 6,000 years ago in Asia, with boards strapped to the feet, evolving to the multiple material products seen today. Originally functional footwear for hunting and other work, snowshoeing has become a winter recreational sport that spans the globe. Snowshoeing offers many benefits, from getting you out the door easily Read More

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas…


Jen, Family Ambassador

I’m dreaming of a White Christmas, but not for the reasons most folks are. I don’t want want to sit by the fire and sip hot chocolate as the snow gently falls on the trees outside. Well, I do, but not until after I’ve gone snowshoeing. I’m dreaming of a White Christmas because Read More


Snowshoeing in the Northeast US

Kovas, Family Ambassador

For those of a certain age, the title of this post and the accompanying image probably has us humming (or even singing) a certain tune under our breath.

Waiting is never easy, especially when what you’re waiting for is neither guaranteed nor on any sort of set schedule. Snow is like that. Right now Read More

Ambassador Profile: Rebecca


Where do you live?
Laramie, Wyoming

Top 3 things we should know about you?

I’m a former competitive cross-country skier and biathlete and I didn’t start snowshoeing until a few years ago.
Sometimes in the winter it feels like all I do is wrestle my kids in and out of their snowsuits.
Some people hibernate in the winter but Read More

Ambassador Profile: Kovas


Where do you live?
Downers Grove, IL

Top 3 things we should know about you?

I’d love to own 4 small houses in very different areas of the United States and travel between them as often as I could.
Most people would say I have a short attention span but really I just want to try everything at Read More

Ode to the Posthole


John, Family Ambassador

Postholes, I love you.

I love that you’re like playing Russian roulette in the snow.

I love that you’re like turning the crank on a jack-in-the-box while terrified of clowns.

I love that you’re like Jenga when the tower it teetering.

I love the unpredictable certainty that I’ll punch through the crust of the snow and sink Read More

The many snowshoe seasons of Washington


John, Family Ambassador

Washington is a special place. Not because it’s the home of Tubbs Snowshoes, Starbucks, Mount Rainier, and Sasquatch, but because of the weather. It’s the weather that makes us a little extra… special.

Take, for example, Summer. While the rest of the country starts warming in April and May we steadfastly refuse to acknowledge Read More

A Warm Winter in Calgary


Jeremy & Sharon, Family Ambassadors

It has been quite a warm winter this year in Calgary and the result of that has been that finding snow, on occasion is a bit trickier than in years past. Between a shift work schedule, and a busy life, some of our attempts at snowshoeing have been more hiking less Read More