A Warm Winter in Calgary


Jeremy & Sharon, Family Ambassadors

It has been quite a warm winter this year in Calgary and the result of that has been that finding snow, on occasion is a bit trickier than in years past. Between a shift work schedule, and a busy life, some of our attempts at snowshoeing have been more hiking less Read More

This Wacky Winter Continues – Snowshoeing in Shorts!


Jen, Family Ambassador

New England has had a pretty incredible winter this year. Just under 9 feet of snow fell from the end January through the beginning of March. We’ve been snowshoeing lots, but when the temperature hit 57 degrees this week, I experienced a new first—snowshoeing in shorts!

Kendra and I carried Read More

Outdoor Pursuits with Kids


Jeremy, Family Ambassador

Outdoor pursuits with kids, always offer their own set of rewards and challenges. Anytime you are choosing to take kids out on an adventure, it’s important to keep an open mind as to how the trip may play out. Some days, kids are interested, captivated and overall excited by the adventures. Other days, Read More

Why Snowshoeing Is Awesome for Urban Teens!


Jen, Family Ambassador

I didn’t start snowshoeing until just a few years ago. A lot of factors led to my late start—as a kid who grew up in an urban environment, I never saw anyone snowshoeing in the winter. Heck, I didn’t even realize we had a state forest in my hometown until I was Read More

When Life Gives You 6 Feet of Snow… Go Snowshoeing!


Jen, Family Ambassador

First it was Juno. Then Linus. Now Marcus is dropping another 18-24 inches of snow upon Massachusetts. We have had six snow days in the last twelve days, including weekends! The snow is literally piled up 18 inches ABOVE the bottom of the windows at the front of our house. So what’s Read More

6 Tips for Snowshoeing With Little Kids


Jen, Family Ambassador

Snowshoeing is generally a blast for the younger crowd. After all, what kid doesn’t love playing in piles of snow? Even our twins, who are just 17 months old, love to ride along in their kid carriers as they alternate between checking out the scenery and napping. But as fun as it Read More

Celebrating Winter Trails Day 2015


Jen, Family Ambassador

Snow has been a rare occurrence in eastern Massachusetts this winter. Usually by now the grass is buried under a foot of snow, yet this year we’ve only gotten a few inches, all of which melted away almost immediately. I was worried about getting out on our Tubbs for Winter Trails Day Read More

Snowshoeing – The Ultimate Wintertime Family Activity!


Jen, Family Ambassador

My wife, Kendra, does not enjoy winter unless she’s sitting comfortably indoors with a hot latte in her hand and a great view out the window. A native South-Carolinian, she’s averse to temperatures below 50 degrees despite having lived in Massachusetts for 15 years. In the early days of our Read More

A Little Piece of Winter Heaven….

Martha, Family Ambassador

Maple Corner Farm and Nordic Center in Granville, Mass.

This past weekend our family took a ride to Maple Corner Farm in Granville, Mass to break in our new Tubbs gear. The sky was a beautiful bluebird blue with temperatures near fifty degrees. We have been to the farm before and took advantage of a Read More

Countdown to Winter

John, Family Ambassador 

From the time the last flake falls in the Spring I dream about the magical moment of the first snow of the Fall. It’s a long wait.

Through the end of Spring and into Summer I don’t miss the falling snow because there’s still plenty of snow on the ground. Many of the mid-elevation Read More