Join me at the Romp!


– Lisa C.

Trail Walking Ambassador

If you have ever wanted to try snowshoeing, put a Tubbs Romp to Stomp on your bucket list!

What better way to introduce oneself to snowshoeing?  You can snowshoe while raising money and awareness for such an inspiring cause, Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.  And you can do this with hundreds Read More

Snowshoeing Haiku

-Lorraine C.

Trail Walking Ambassador



Snow in PA scarce

I long to try my snow shoes

Will it ever snow?


OK so we got about 3” of snow and I got to try out my shoes in the back yard but the snow started melting almost immediately.  I was robbed!  Any suggestions on what I can do to make it Read More

Sleds – The snowshoeing parent’s secret weapon

-John S.

Kids/Family Ambassador

When I go snowshoeing by myself I can gain a ridge, gaze over the valley below, and be content. I love the muffled sounds of the wilderness blanketed in snow and its peace permeates my soul.

My kids? Not so much.

They want to do something. That might mean throwing snowballs (at me), running (away, after Read More

Enjoy the Day


Day Hiking Ambassador

Snow was in the forecast as my friend Alison and I drove to the North Shore of Minnesota for 2 days of winter camping with friends at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park. Hoping for deep snow we hiked enjoying the sights around Lake Superior. Snow arrived during the night, but to our dismay Read More

Minnesota’s Season Opener


Day Hiking Ambassador

Winter has finally arrived in Minnesota, bringing with it a foot of fresh powdery snow. It’s about time! I couldn’t wait to hit the trails, so I grabbed my friend Colleen, my dog Lucy, and loaded up the snowshoes for what promised to be a “mellow” hike through a restored prairie at Afton Read More

Embracing Saturday


Kids/Family Ambassador

It is so easy to let a cold snowy Saturday afternoon slip away.  In fact, we were in the middle of another holiday family movie when I bounced off the couch and said, “Let’s get up and get ready to snowshoe.”  We pulled on all of our cold weather gear and picked my mom up Read More

Frozen Waterfalls


Backcountry Ambassador

Snowshoes – check. Snowpants – check. Warm clothes – check. I was mentally going over my packing list as I loaded the car with gear to set off into Hyalite Canyon near Bozeman, Montana. We weren’t sure what area we wanted to explore, but had a map of the area to choose from.

As we Read More

Lessons for Aspiring Snowshoe Lumberjacks aka Cutting Down your own Christmas Tree

-John S.

Kids/Family Ambassador

For years, I’ve dreamed of snowshoeing deep into the woods to cut down a wild Christmas tree. It sounds so much more exciting than going to the local tree farm or the grocery store to pick out a tree. This year, finally, my dream came true, but not without a few lessons learned.

Lesson #1: Read More

Kids and the Snow

-John S.

Kids/Family Ambassador

Want your kids to have a blast in the snow? Throw away your destination-based, epic plans and let them drive. (Well, not literally. Most kids aren’t really qualified to drive in the snow.)

This is especially important early in the season when the snow isn’t exactly the perfect powder you’ve been dreaming of all summer. Read More

Thoughts on the Romp From an Eleven-year Romp Veteran


“It makes me happy to be out there in support of finding a cure for cancer and in memory of my grandmother and several friends who have died from or been affected by cancer.”

Danelle (left) with our Events Coordinator Stephanie (right)

Out of the numerous events I attend each year, one of my favorites is Read More