Storing Your Snowshoes for the Off-Season

Kathy W., Trail Walking Ambassador

Despite the fact that here in Cañon City, Colorado, it has been snowing (very lightly) for the last two days now, like most snowshoers, I know it’s almost time to pack away my long johns and ski pants, hang up my beloved snowshoes  and prepare for the coming summer heat. 

So that Read More

Top 10 Things I Have Learned as a Tubbs Ambassador


1. Getting out in the cold is refreshing and rewarding, especially when you have been stuck in smog for days.

2. When a snowshoe falls off unexpectedly, your next step several feet down lets you know just how deep the snow you are walking on really is.

3. If you are wearing Tubbs snowshoes, your snowshoes probably Read More

Tubbs’ Youngest Fan


It has been a few weeks since I have been snowshoeing, but I have a pretty good reason for that. Let me introduce Tubbs’ youngest fan, measuring approximately one snowshoe long!

After being in the house for a few weeks with that cute newborn, my whole body was itching to get out and exercise. Escaping to Read More

A Fresh Start to a New Year



I woke up the first Saturday of the year to find a fresh layer of snow on the ground – the perfect start to a new year and for a day of snowshoeing! The skies were blue and clear in the valley, but that was not a forecast of what was to come. Once we Read More

An Early Christmas


Christmas came early for me this year when two large packages arrived on my doorstep in June. Back then, at the beginning of the hot summer months, my first chance use my new snowshoeing gear seemed so far away. But as the months grew colder and the first big snow storms came in early December, Read More

Pretty Purple Snowshoes


Well, shoot! Had my snowshoe hopes up for today. Not sure why I thought today was my SNOWSHOE coming out party but I felt drawn to the mountain…………so here I sit pondering and watching the web cam! What to do, what to do? I make my list and check it twice I suppose. Yes, I Read More

Q & A with Eliza

Name: Eliza

Where did you grow up? Bountiful, Utah

Where do you live now? Draper, Utah

3 things we should know about you? 

–        I enjoy doing anything outside, especially running, hiking, and now snowshoeing.

–        I love to make food and eat it!

–        I am a Mormon and nothing else makes me happier.

When did you first try snowshoeing? Just Read More

Snow Gamma


-Susie B.

Trail Walking Ambassador


Let’s just say I’m the one as a downhill skier that was thrilled to see long lift lines!  Why?

I love snow.  I love people who love snow.  I love sharing the experience of a frozen waterfall, a butterfly offering to be our escort, or the one magical moment a bird Read More

First steps of Embarrassment?


-Eliza P

Trail Walking Ambassador


I was cautious as I took my first steps, not wanting to trip and fall to a cold, embarrassing doom in the snow. After a few minutes, however, I gradually got used to the large attachments on my feet.  My careful steps turned into confident strides and with each stride I felt Read More

Engagement at the Romp – Who knew it was possible?

-Lorraine C.

Trail Walking Ambassador

It’s the morning of the Romp to Stomp in New Jersey.  For some unknown reason we’re actually 20 minutes early.  I usually factor in time for me to get lost on driving excursions even with GPS.  I’ve been directionally challenged since birth.  I’m sitting in my car with Dave waiting for the Read More