Tubbs Get Outdoors! Contest for Schools and Non-Profits

Tubbs Snowshoes is excited to announce our Get Outdoors Program, a contest for schools and non-profits to benefit children and teens. Tubbs will award two winning groups with snowshoes and our Winter Fit™ for Kids Programming, to help children and teens adventure into the wintertime. With snowshoes and a lesson plan, all that’s needed is Read More

Splore Season Review



Get Outdoors Program


Season Review | Tubbs Snowshoes

May, 2013


Splore had a great winter season and the Tubbs snowshoes made it even better, the staff enjoyed using the new snowshoes as much as, if not more than, the clients themselves did. We chose ones that we great for the variety of terrain that we use throughout Read More

A Reflection on Our Snowshoeing Experience

-From Forest Hills Elementary

I’ve broken done this blog into several categories so any readers can learn from our 1st experiences and make adjustments/accommodations for things that we encountered in the first year of our program.


The first thing I’d like to point out is the great and durable quality of the snowshoes we Read More

A Reflection on Our Snowshoeing Experience Continued

-From Forest Hills Elementary

A continued post of our 1st year reflections on our snowshoeing experiences….


Our policy at school was if the temperature was below 20 degrees we did not go outside (this does not include wind chill). This policy may or may not work for you depending on your location and climate. Our winters in Read More

A Reflection on Our Snowshoeing Experience Curriculum & Sequence

-From Forest Hills Elementary

Here’s a list of how we think a good introductory snow shoeing unit should run after our 1st year.

Lesson 1 – Outdoor Dress & Snowshoe Basics – Come up with an indoor game to play as you discuss the proper components of outdoor in the winter and how to take off and Read More

A Bonding Family Adventure

-Splore, Get Outdoors Program Winner


In the heart of the Wasatch mountains lies East Canyon, a local’s favorite for everything from snowshoeing and cross country skiing to swimming and biking in the summertime. On a bright Saturday afternoon, Splore took a group of families affected by early onset Dementia on a snowshoe adventure.

The journey started with Read More

The Iditarod


-Forest Hills

The view from the sled


As many winter outdoor enthusiast know the Iditarod is scheduled to start this year on March 2nd. This amazing 998 mile race running from Anchorage to Nome has plenty of ways in could be incorporated into a traditional classroom’s curriculum. The question is how can you integrate this idea Read More

Snowshoe resources

By Forest Hills School in Tubbs Get Outdoors Program

I’m not exactly sure what type of audiences read these blog posts, but as public elementary school we are constantly looking for ways to connect snowshoeing with learning that is taking place in other classrooms around the school. Snowshoes present a great way to integrate “interdisciplinary” ideas Read More

Snow Trekking (Tracking) in Fresh Snow

By Forest Hills School in Tubbs Get Outdoors Program

Almost everyone can relate to an experience where they have woken up after an overnight snowfall to an ice and snow covered world that was transformed into something amazingly strange, new, and beautiful. We are finding out that utilizing snowshoes in a public school physical Read More

Snowshoe Christmas Challenge…

By Forest Hills School in Tubbs Get Outdoors Program

Here’s a fun and challenging way for snowshoeing groups (school or otherwise) to combine multiple outdoor education activities in one fun filled challenge… we’re still looking for suggestions on a name, but we called it “Find the Presents”.  It’s a snowshoe/orienteering combined challenge you could try near Read More