Ten Hikes on your National Park Bucket List



While finding snow is difficult this time of year, it doesn’t stop us from getting out on the trail! From alpine lakes to red, rocky canyons, we love to get on a new trail and enjoy what nature has to offer. Take a look at our favorite hikes in US National Parks:

Upper Yosemite Falls >
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Soundtrack to Adventure: Xpedition Playlist


The Xpedition playlist is for our alt/indie snowshoers who want a calm, but upbeat soundtrack for the trail.

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Soundtrack to Adventure: TRK Playlist


The Soundtrack to Adventure is a high energy, electronic mix to get you out of bed, onto the trail, to your destination with a view!

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Soundtrack to Adventure: Glacier Playlist


The Tubbs Glacier Soundtrack is a modern, upbeat rock mix to keep you moving in your backyard, the park, or to your favorite peak.

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Soundtrack to Adventure: Xplore Playlist

The Tubbs Xplore soundtrack starts out mellow but then builds to an upbeat tempo for the final climb.

Soundtrack to Adventure: Tubbs Frontier

The Tubbs Frontier Soundtrack is a shorter high energy, rock mix to keep your pace up the hill.

The Ultimate Snow Day

With snow blowing in around different areas of North America, we thought we’d outline the itinerary for THE ULTIMATE SNOW DAY:



When you wake up and find out that school is cancelled.

When you open the door to go outside.

When you take your first step WITHOUT Tubbs Snowshoes.

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Soundtrack to Adventure: Tubbs Journey


The Tubbs Journey soundtrack was designed with a solo full moon hike up Camel’s Hump or a long stretch of the Catamount Trail in mind.


Soundtrack to Adventure

While not everyone likes to listen to tunes on the trail, sometimes we find that a playlist added to your regular trail can transform it into a heart-pumping workout, or a calming trot.

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A New Thanksgiving Day Tradition

So grandma has the turkey in the oven, and all of the scrumptious sides are sliced, diced, and prepped for eating—so now what?! You could play dominoes with Aunt Frances, but she gets so competitive. You could go yell at the TV, watching football with Uncle Bob. OR you could embark on a brand new Thanksgiving Read More