Where the heck is winter?



Wow, has the winter of 2013/14 here in the Pacific Northwest ever been a crazy one so far. In November we were treated to “almost feeling guilty” conditions to “where the heck is winter?” situations in December. As we watched the news with all the cold and snow elsewhere, I wore a Hawaiian shirt for Read More

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of


It’s called many things, and experienced by many people many different ways: it’s the longing for your first snowshoe outing of the season. And when it happens, it’s good. Often, it’s great. Today was great. Just enough snow to get pretty far into the hills. There must have been a lot of wind blowing when Read More

First Flakes and the Tale of the Magic Tree


We are pretty excited as the first dump of the season has arrived up on the local hills. Actually, we’re pretty happy to get any snow at all considering where we live. Vancouver, British Columbia, is right on the Pacific coast of Canada on the 49th parallel just north of Seattle. The city itself is at Read More

Snow Lanterns

If you are looking for an outlet for your creative juices, why not consider making a Snow Lantern this winter if you get the chance? We got to thinking with all the pumpkin carving that’s going on right now, why not tip our hand about a fun creation that we have really started to get Read More

Cabin Lake

-Brent & Dorian

Day Hiking Ambassadors


Cabin Lake… the name alone conjures up images of awesomeness. Who doesn’t like cabins? Who doesn’t like lakes? Well, maybe there are some out there, but we’ll leave that topic for another time. Cabin Lake is situated at the top of Black Mountain in West Vancouver, Canada, in an area known Read More

Q & A with Brent and Dorian

Name(s): Brent and Dorian L

Where did you grow up? North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Where do you live now? North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

3 things we should know about you? We love introducing people to the pleasures of snowshoeing.

Building and enjoying igloos (our own personal “Tubbs Lodge”). Snowshoeing has put a giggle in our marriage.

When did Read More

When pow calls our names….


-Brent & Dorian

Day Hiking Ambassadors

For us, the anticipation of winter is kind of a big deal, because living on the west coast by the ocean definitely has it’s uncertainty for snowfall. On the north shore of Vancouver we are blessed to have 3 really interesting and diverse mountains that are snowshoe friendly. The thing is, Read More

Tubbs Mountaineer Snowshoes

-Brent and Dorian

Day Hiking Ambassadors

When we first got into snowshoeing , we thought to ourselves “snowshoes are snowshoes”. Sure, they might look a little different brand by brand; but overall there is a place for your boot, and some teeth on the bottom so they must be okay…

Were we ever wrong. No grip. Lousy bindings. Read More

Timing is Everything

-Brent and Dorian

Day Hiking Ambassador

For many of us, snowshoeing becomes a bit of an addiction. We have watched the hook get set deep for many first timers. It’s definitely brings different things to different people. One of the aspects of getting out there, is a relationship with nature. And nature certainly is one huge topic. Read More