Snowshoe Camping on Kendall Knob


John, Family Ambassador

So you’re an experienced snowshoer and you’re looking for the next challenge. Here it is: Snowshoe Camping. It’s just like backpacking, but you do it in the snow and you can go anywhere! Backpacking typically means you’re hiking on trails and have to take care to camp only in established sites or on Read More

Why I love introducing people to snowshoeing


John, Family Ambassador

I recently had the opportunity to take some of my cousins-in-law snowshoeing on Mt. Hood the day after Thanksgiving. That day has always been a day for adventuring even if it has only just this year been widely adopted thanks to REI’s #OptOutside campaign. This trip was one that reminded me of some of Read More

Same Place, Different Experience: hiking trails summer & winter


Everyone has a favorite trail. The trail where you can expect what’s around the next turn, and ends with a familiar view. What’s wonderful about revisiting your favorite trail throughout the year, is to watch the landscape change with the seasons.

Our Ambassadors enjoy hiking the same trail in both summer and winter. Scroll through the Read More

Ode to the Posthole


John, Family Ambassador

Postholes, I love you.

I love that you’re like playing Russian roulette in the snow.

I love that you’re like turning the crank on a jack-in-the-box while terrified of clowns.

I love that you’re like Jenga when the tower it teetering.

I love the unpredictable certainty that I’ll punch through the crust of the snow and sink Read More

The many snowshoe seasons of Washington


John, Family Ambassador

Washington is a special place. Not because it’s the home of Tubbs Snowshoes, Starbucks, Mount Rainier, and Sasquatch, but because of the weather. It’s the weather that makes us a little extra… special.

Take, for example, Summer. While the rest of the country starts warming in April and May we steadfastly refuse to acknowledge Read More

Countdown to Winter

John, Family Ambassador 

From the time the last flake falls in the Spring I dream about the magical moment of the first snow of the Fall. It’s a long wait.

Through the end of Spring and into Summer I don’t miss the falling snow because there’s still plenty of snow on the ground. Many of the mid-elevation Read More

Ambassador Profile: John


Where do you live?
We’re in the Pacific Northwest, far enough from the city to feel like we’re in the mountains, but close enough we can commute for work.

Top 3 things we should know about you?

I’m a dad first, then a husband, then an adventurer, than everything else.
I’d rather be safe and have fun than Read More

Snowshoeing in Summer


Authored By John S., Family Ambassador

Psst. Want to know an honest-to-goodness Pacific Northwest secret? Keep it quiet because they might kick me out of the state if I tell you. The truth is… you can snowshoe all year long out here. Yeah. Even in Summer.

As long as you’re willing to chase the snow there’s snow Read More

Teaching the Girl Scouts How to Snowshoe

John S., Family Ambassador

As a “Family Ambassador” it should come as no surprise that I have kids. The two oldest are both Girl Scouts. Since their Daisy days I’ve been waiting for the signal that we’ll be heading out on scouting expeditions to learn about survival and adventure. But those days never came. Instead, there Read More

Tubbs Snowshoes: Don’t leave home without them


John S., Family Ambassador

Truth be told, I didn’t leave home without my Tubbs snowshoes. They were in the 50 pound bag of gear I checked on a flight from Seattle to Phoenix. Yes, Phoenix. As in Arizona.

The plan was to snowshoe/climb Humphrey’s Peak, the highest point in Arizona. It’s over 12,000 feet tall and is Read More