What could go wrong?

-John S. Family Ambassador

My nine year old daughter (“I’m almost 10, Dad!”) and I were set to help out at the Washington Tubbs Romp to Stomp event at 7:15am Saturday morning. It’s a solid two hour drive so it seemed a far better plan to camp just down the road, sleep a bit extra, and enjoy Read More

Sleds – The snowshoeing parent’s secret weapon

-John S.

Kids/Family Ambassador

When I go snowshoeing by myself I can gain a ridge, gaze over the valley below, and be content. I love the muffled sounds of the wilderness blanketed in snow and its peace permeates my soul.

My kids? Not so much.

They want to do something. That might mean throwing snowballs (at me), running (away, after Read More

Lessons for Aspiring Snowshoe Lumberjacks aka Cutting Down your own Christmas Tree

-John S.

Kids/Family Ambassador

For years, I’ve dreamed of snowshoeing deep into the woods to cut down a wild Christmas tree. It sounds so much more exciting than going to the local tree farm or the grocery store to pick out a tree. This year, finally, my dream came true, but not without a few lessons learned.

Lesson #1: Read More

Kids and the Snow

-John S.

Kids/Family Ambassador

Want your kids to have a blast in the snow? Throw away your destination-based, epic plans and let them drive. (Well, not literally. Most kids aren’t really qualified to drive in the snow.)

This is especially important early in the season when the snow isn’t exactly the perfect powder you’ve been dreaming of all summer. Read More

Fall Fashion Show


-John S.

Kids/Family Category

I’ve got three kids who have this annoying habit of growing. That means what worked last year in the snow is not likely to work this year in the snow. Every Fall we get down the winter gear boxes, find the winter boots, and have a little fashion show while the judge (Mrs. Read More

Summer Snowshoeing




Right. I got new Tubbs snowshoes in June for being selected as one of their Ambassadors and then the Seattle area weather gets good? Is that fair? I think not. And that’s why we once again give thanks for the great Mt. Rainier.

Sunrise welcomed us with blue skies and freakishly warm weather. Ok, kids. Lose the Read More

Safety & Fun in the Mountains


I’ve been really, really lucky in the mountains.

During the day, I help people understand their exposure to risk and find ways to address it. You’d figure I’d be extremely adverse to risk in my private life. It turns out, I need some risk to maintain a healthy balance. Read More

John’s Submission – Kids & Family Focus

Who inspires me to drag the family outside in the winter? Why, Mother Nature herself! And perhaps a little of the kids’ behavior, too. When the rain is coming down in sheets at our house at the base of the mountains we know just a few hundred feet above us it’s a winter wonderland.

With kids Read More