What We’re Looking Forward To


It’s time to start planning–Halloween is approaching which means the stores have Christmas decorations out already (we kid, we kid)–and we’re on the hunt for some epic snow hikes. If you haven’t met our awesome new Ambassador crew, you should. Here is a list of favorite winter spots from the people who know it best. Follow Read More

Who’s Who On The Tubbs Crew

Tubbs horiz

Since the beginning of Tubbs (over 110 years ago!), our company goal has been more than just building the best snowshoes. We’ve always tried to support the snowshoe community and the people who use our products. To us, snowshoeing is not just what’s on your feet, it’s the experience the shoes give you. Our snowshoes might Read More

Giving Back to the Outdoor Community

helmet group photo

Summer is officially here but that doesn’t mean the Tubbs community stops doing what they do best; getting outside! This month we’d like to highlight our amazing ambassadors, who donate their time, equipment, money, or support to helping their outdoor community.

Read from our ambassadors about how they act as models of service in their area!

From Tim, Read More

Winter Break Snowshoe Trip


Kathy, Day Hiking Ambassador

Every year, my husband, son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter make it a point to snowshoe over the Christmas/New Year’s Holidays – usually on Christmas Day or on our wedding anniversary two days later. This year, we decided instead to take a family holiday after Christmas and make it a dedicated snowshoe trip. So Read More


Kathy, Day Hiking Ambassador

1) Check your gear twice before you start out for the trailhead. Not too many things worse than driving for hours into that glorious powder only to find you forgot to put on your trekking poles “snowflakes” or the zipper on your wind shell is stuck! Of course, your Tubbs’ Snowshoes are Read More

Ambassador Profile: Kathy


Where do you live?
Cañon City, Colorado – which is in south central Colorado

Top 3 things we should know about you?
1. My family is the most important thing in my life! I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 45 years (this December). Have 2 great kids who have blessed me with 2 Read More

Scouting, for Next Season


Authored By Kathy, Day Hiking Ambassador

I have to confess; I’m the black sheep of my hot-weather, beach-loving family. They and many of my friends shake their heads in bewilderment and dismay when I publicly profess my love of winter, cold and SNOW. It’s true. I’m a Snow Fan(atic)! I simply love snow!

I’m totally unrepentant though Read More

Great Sand Dunes National Park — attempt at sandshoeing!


Ever since I moved to Colorado and heard about the Great Sands Dunes National Park and Preserve, I’ve wanted to go there and see this marvel for myself. The thought of all that sand in the middle of Colorado intrigued me to no end. Several months ago, we decided time was awastin’ and we put Read More

Storing Your Snowshoes for the Off-Season

Kathy W., Trail Walking Ambassador

Despite the fact that here in Cañon City, Colorado, it has been snowing (very lightly) for the last two days now, like most snowshoers, I know it’s almost time to pack away my long johns and ski pants, hang up my beloved snowshoes  and prepare for the coming summer heat. 

So that Read More

Breckenridge, Colorado



Breckenridge, Colorado is one of my most favorite places to snowshoe.  There are so many beautiful places to explore with canyons, mountains, lakes and streams and old abandoned mines galore!  And, most importantly, gloriously snowy trails can be found often from mid-September to early-June!  Whee!

So, on a recent weekend trip to Breckenridge for a much Read More