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Tubbs Men’s Wilderness Snowshoe

Kovas, Family Ambassador

This winter, I got to test out the Men’s Wilderness Snowshoe, and, though our snow was few and far between, I managed to get out a few times. If you’re a big guy like me or are planning on carrying heavy loads while snowshoeing, this is probably the best option you could find.

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Days Fork Trail, Big Cotton Canyon, Utah


Kovas, Family Ambassador

Several weeks ago, I had the great opportunity to snowshoe with three other Tubbs Snowshoes Ambassadors, along with a big group of other outdoor enthusiasts. Our plan was to hike up Days Fork Trail, located in Big Cottonwood Canyon, not far from Salt Lake City.

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Ten Benefits of Snowshoeing

Ten Benefits of Snowshoeing

Kovas, Family Ambassador

Snowshoeing first started approximately 6,000 years ago in Asia, with boards strapped to the feet, evolving to the multiple material products seen today. Originally functional footwear for hunting and other work, snowshoeing has become a winter recreational sport that spans the globe. Snowshoeing offers many benefits, from getting you out the door easily Read More


Snowshoeing in the Northeast US

Kovas, Family Ambassador

For those of a certain age, the title of this post and the accompanying image probably has us humming (or even singing) a certain tune under our breath.

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Ambassador Profile: Kovas


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Downers Grove, IL

Top 3 things we should know about you?

I’d love to own 4 small houses in very different areas of the United States and travel between them as often as I could.
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