Letting The Kids Take the Lead



Rebecca, Family Ambassador

This year I have a goal. It’s to stop planning outdoor adventures with a specific destination in mind. I’m trying to enjoy the journey, not focus on the destination. When it comes to snowshoeing with kids sometimes this means that we never lose sight of our car in the parking lot. It also means that sometimes we Read More

Snowglow Snowshoes for the Reluctant Snowshoer



Rebecca, Family Ambassador

As a mother I feel that it’s my duty to introduce my children to outdoor winter activities.

It doesn’t matter if its snowshoeing, ice skating, Nordic skiing, sledding, or downhill skiing.

In our family winter isn’t for hibernating, it’s for playing outside in the snow.

When my oldest son was just 18 months old we strapped Read More

5 Pro-Tips for Snowshoeing with Kids


Rebecca, Family Ambassador

Have you ever snowshoed with a toddler?

One of my favorite things to do is to take my children outside and watch them navigate snow covered trails on their snowshoes.

With winter just around the corner I thought I’d share five tips to make snowshoeing with toddlers, or any kind of kid, awesome.

Start snowshoeing in Read More

Ambassador Profile: Rebecca


Where do you live?
Laramie, Wyoming

Top 3 things we should know about you?

I’m a former competitive cross-country skier and biathlete and I didn’t start snowshoeing until a few years ago.
Sometimes in the winter it feels like all I do is wrestle my kids in and out of their snowsuits.
Some people hibernate in the winter but Read More