Thomas’s Submission – Day Hiking

Snowshoeing began for me around 1990, at the young age of 49, after I completed building 2 sets of traditional snowshoes from kits for me and my children. I enjoy outdoor activities in all seasons and with my new set of shoes, snowshoeing became one of my favorite winter pursuits. I of course now own a couple pairs of more modern 30” snowshoes. My objective each season is to be the first person to make tracks in the fresh snow after snow storms.  I love looking for animal tracks. Sometimes I follow the park trails and other times I follow deer trails to explore areas that are not assessable in the summer.

One of my most memorable day hikes occurred early on January 1, 2007 in Carver Park near my home right after a snow storm.  I followed the snow plow into the park and was first on the trails making “first tracks” over 6 miles of trails taking some great photos in below zero temperatures.

Now that I’m retired, I am able to spend even more time in the outdoors.  I hike, bike, backpack, kayak, take photos, and volunteer at Three Rivers Park District helping young children learn to enjoy outdoor activities. I live in the Twin Cities area, but the North Shore of Minnesota is my favorite playground.  I am a supporter and volunteer for the Superior Hiking Trail–a wonderful place to backpack and snowshoe. Every year I take several trips along the trail enjoying the quiet beauty of water, trees, and rock formations.  I am motivated to stay in shape and be active so I can stay “young at heart.”

One of my personal goals is to teach young people, especially my 5 Grandchildren, that it is never too late to try something new and that there are lots of wonderful ways to enjoy life.  My oldest granddaughter, Amelia, takes many outdoor trips with me, including snowshoeing together with her sister Lizzi near their home in Madison, WI. I am blessed to have many friends who like to come out and play with me as well!