Carrie’s Submission – Kids & Family Focus

My kids inspired me to start snowshoeing.  I figured out early-on, that if I wanted to get out and do the things I love to do with two small children, I needed to take them with me on adventures.  When my kids turned 4 & 5, hiking naturally progressed to snowshoeing as the trails covered in snow by late fall.  I borrowed a pair of snowshoes and had a pair of hand-me-down kids’ snowshoes for my son.  My daughter was small enough she just seemed to float across the snow wearing snow boots.  They learned to recognize snowshoe hare, deer, elk and moose tracks in the snow.  Now 7 and 9 years old, they are running ahead of me and challenging each other to go higher, go faster, and to be more daring.

There are times when we are out on a snowy trail under bright blue skies and wonder why people would want to stand in lift lines on crowed slopes when they could be experiencing a much more tranquil and almost untouched setting.  It’s like our little secret.  As a single mom, 3 annual ski passes and ski equipment are pretty much out of the question, but I don’t think my kids have ever felt like they are missing out on anything.  As my kids continue to grow, snowshoeing gives us the opportunity to talk.  There aren’t any cell phones, electronics, or TV shows blasting in the background.  We pack a few snacks, water, and stay out as long as I can convince them to keep going, or some days, as long as the sun allows.

I often take my lunch hour during the winter and head out for an hour snowshoe.  This is the third winter I’ve taken our private golf club members guided snowshoeing during the winter.  I’ve learned older people can be a lot like younger kids- they need a little prodding to get out there, but once they are out there, they are so thankful for the experience and want to share it with the younger generations of their own families.

We live in Eagle, Colorado.   I raced in the Teva Mountain Winter Games Uphill this year.  I still borrow snowshoes from work.  My kids still wear snow boots when we go snowshoeing.  We’d be proud to be selected as a Tubbs Ambassador Family.