Lisa’s Submission – Trail Walking

My name is Lisa Conrad.  I am 47 years old and I am Tubbs Ambassador Material!

I received my first pair of snowshoes for Christmas in 2009.  I never asked for them.  And I remember thinking “Me? Snowshoe? I don’t snowshoe.  It’s cold and, well, snowy”.

My husband was planting a seed.  You see, life has thrown me a few curveballs.  In 2000, I had a hysterectomy.  I was 36.  In 2004, I underwent surgery for a brain tumor. The tumor was benign and I am still tumor free!  In 2005, I got off my pity pot and started walking.  My walks slowly turned into runs.  In 2006, I ran my first 5K!  I loved it!  But I’m not a runner.  Lisa Conrad doesn’t do things like this.  Or do I?  In 2007, I ran a 10k.  I loved it!  In 2008, I ran a half marathon.  I loved it!  In 2009, I did a triathlon.  And I loved it!

That summer, a routine mammogram picked up a small cluster on my left side.  The tumors were biopsied and were benign.  The surrounding tissue showed I have LCIS.  It’s not breast cancer, but it puts me at a greater risk.  I take Tamoxifen daily.  No Chemo.  No radiation.

So how do the snowshoes and my husband planting the seed come into play?  I remember asking my husband if he ever heard of the Tubbs Romp to Stomp. He never answered.   I did the romp with two friends in 2010.  And guess what? I loved it!   In 2011, there were 10 of us.  And in 2012, there were 19.  New friends thanks to snowshoeing!

And now?

  • I want to introduce more people to snowshoeing.  You don’t have to be an athlete.  If you can walk, you can snowshoe!
  • Snowshoeing is an inexpensive way to enjoy winter. No lift tickets! You can snowshoe in your own backyard!
  • I love to run trails.  How many friends, new and old, can I get off the treadmill and into snowshoes during the winter months?
  • I never realized how beautiful winter is.  The white snow, the bright blue sky, the crisp clean air.  How could I not see this before?
  • I want to continue to have fun!
  • Snowshoeing has given me the opportunity to enjoy the snow.  I want to make a snow angel and say thanks!  Want to join me?