Lorraine’s submission – Trail Walking

Hi. I’m Lorraine Clayton, widowed single parent of two adult children with one in college and one on her own.  I’ve put my life on hold to raise my children for the past 15 years, as any parent in my situation would have done.  I am tired of being the boring Mom and decided it’s time for me now.  You know that saying “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.- Ralph Waldo Emerson”?  I’ve decided to live that motto since my son graduated from high school.

I am now a certified scuba diver, took my first snow mobile ride and am learning to ride a motorcycle.   I went to Groundhog Day in Puxatawney  PA (did you know all those crazy people on TV are sober?), visited Yuengling Brewery, went to Vegas (and almost got married). Bottom line, I have a bucket list the size of a small state and a man in my life who doesn’t mind going with me provided I don’t try and make him jump out of a plane.  If he really minded he would stop me, but he hasn’t yet.

We have friends who live in the Pocono Mountains and love winter sports.  When Lake Wallenpaupack freezes over, it’s not only beautiful but a lot of fun.  Snow mobiling, ice fishing and bar hopping across the frozen tundra. It’s not Alaska but for a city girl from Philadelphia this is as close to the action I’ve ever been to so don’t laugh at my lack of experience.  The Fire & Ice party has become legendary and attended by visitors from all over Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.

So there’s my story. I have a fantastic sense of humor, good people skills and zest for life. I’ve uttered the phrases “Look out world” and “will someone please hold my bail money” more than a few times in the past 2 years.  Let me be your ambassador.  I have walking trails all around my community that are completely empty when the snow hits and an entire lake to explore.  This would be all new to me.  I can’t wait.  Thank you for the opportunity and please consider me as your humble ambassador.