Tubbs Snowshoes Pinterest Winter Wonderland Scavenger Hunt!!!



1.  Follow us on pinterest.

2.  Repin this post to your personal page.

3.  Make a Tubbs Winter Wonderland Board on Pinterest* and pin the following items, including the number and challenge in the description area on your pin.  Please note, you must pin at least one of each item from the following list, but feel free to pin more!

4.  When you are finished email sarah.rose@tubbssnowshoes.com with the link to your completed board.  The Tubbs Marketing Team will pick the board that has the best aesthetics and best captures how fun snowshoeing is!  Contest will be open until August 31st at 8pmPST.

We’ll be awarding two pairs of our FLEX NRG snowshoes to the top 2 winners.  Others have the chance to be selected to win Tubbs Playing Cards.    (http://tubbssnowshoes.com/snowshoes/womens/flex-nrg-w)

Happy Pinning!

  1. Picture of someone snowshoeing
  2. Picture of a dog in the snow
  3. Beautiful winter landscape
  4. Snowshoeing location you’d like to try this winter
  5. What your favorite snowshoeing snack is
  6. A pair of Tubbs Snowshoes from our board
  7. The perfect drink to bring along snowshoeing
  8. Comfy winter shoes or slippers
  9. Beautiful fireplace
  10. Best adventure quote

*To join Pinterest, you can request an invite from on Pinterest’s website (www.pinterest.com)  Please note that a Pinterest membership is not controlled by and cannot be guaranteed by Sponsor.  Once you are a member of Pinterest, then you can create the #Tubbs Winter Wonderland Board.