Tubbs Snowshoes Partners with EveryMove to Reward Healthy Lifestyles

Frequent flyers earn miles. Good drivers earn discounts. Finally, people are rewarded for healthy living. Tubbs Snowshoes is excited to have partnered with EveryMove, an innovative rewards program for healthy living that gives consumers the ability to turn their healthy lifestyles into real world value.

EveryMove makes it easy for consumers to earn points through healthy activity. Participants can connect their EveryMove accounts to a variety of health-tracking applications (like RunKeeper, BodyMedia, and even foursquare), and earn points by checking in at the gym, tracking movement, measuring miles, or simply logging activities on EveryMove. And “activities” need not be a traditional gym workout – gardening, walking the dog, or playing a game of Frisbee all get points too. Earned points can then be applied towards rewards from businesses that applaud healthy living – like Tubbs!

Tubbs is dedicated to bringing the healthy, easy, and enjoyable sport of snowshoeing to everyone. To that end, we have a long history of sponsoring healthy events and programs, from the national Romp to Stomp Out Breast Cancer series to our Winter Fit for Kids’ curriculum and snowshoe education. Our partnership with EveryMove gives us one more way to encourage physical activity, improved health and, of course, snowshoeing!

We are offering a number of rewards to EveryMove participants, including – but not limited to! – admission to the Tubbs Snowshoes Romp to Stomp (worth 1400 EveryMove points), men’s or women’s gaitors (worth 2350 EveryMove points), Tubbs guided tour for 6 people (worth 4000 EveryMove points), and men’s or women’s Flex TRK Snowshoes (worth 4100 EveryMove points). In addition to Tubbs, EveryMove has partnered with several other businesses to offer rewards ranging from sports gear and apparel to charitable donations.

Visit EveryMove.org today, sign up, and start earning rewards for the healthy activities you’re already doing!