Snowshoeing and Splore

Snowshoeing is BAD for Kids.

-said no one at Splore. ever.

Here at Splore we’re into joy. The joy one feels sliding down a pile of snow. Or hiking up to a view point and doing pretend coyote calls. Or having snowball fights (with clear rules & expectations like “if anyone starts crying, this game is over”).  Or sneaking a bite of snow even though the Splore guide said dogs pee in this forest.

We find that despite how impressive our highly trained guides, well-designed curriculum and thorough risk management is, kids are always the most delighted with their own games and adventures. We have learned to adapt and work with the impulses that seem to be intuitive to every child (e.g., Find snowy hill and slide down. Repeat.). We work really hard to manage the risk of snow slides and snowball fights so that kids on Splore trips create memorable and joyful moments in the outdoors.

At Splore, the outdoors is the medium we have chosen to change people’s lives.  We provide people the opportunity to experience the magic of the outdoors, the joy of connecting with others, and the dignity of doing something risky.  We believe these experiences and opportunities change people’s lives in a fundamental way (they certainly have ours). We are committed to removing the physical, emotional and financial barriers to outdoor adventure.

Tubbs snowshoes would mean the world to our kids and Splore. We work with over a dozen schools across Salt Lake Valley as well as after-school groups, youth-focused agencies, and treatment centers. We provide full and partial scholarships to these groups and eve provide transportation if none is available. The children on Splore trips come from all walks of life: many are of low socioeconomic status; some are in wheelchairs; a few are in drug & alcohol treatment; many are on the Autism Spectrum; some have learning disabilities; a few come from refugee families; others have cerebral palsy; and much more.

There is no shortage of schools or youth groups who want to join us for winter adventure. Rather, our constraint is available funding to scholarship all of them. Therefore, the more that is donated in terms of gear, vehicles, facilities and the like, the more funding that can go towards providing scholarships.

With the support of Tubbs, Splore will serve more youth on more trips this winter and for seasons to come.