Embracing Saturday


Kids/Family Ambassador

It is so easy to let a cold snowy Saturday afternoon slip away.  In fact, we were in the middle of another holiday family movie when I bounced off the couch and said, “Let’s get up and get ready to snowshoe.”  We pulled on all of our cold weather gear and picked my mom up on the way to the trail.  The kids didn’t resist the idea of snowshoeing, but they weren’t exactly thrilled when we arrived at the trailhead.  It only took a few steps and a couple of tricks for them to warm up to their new snowshoes.  “These are great!” they exclaimed.  They ran, they jumped and they discovered it’s not as easy to hop a fallen log with snowshoes and helpful traction strapped to their feet.
The kids ran most of the way back down the trail – laughing, joking, turning and smiling.  They seem to get really concerned this time of year about wanting to get me something for Christmas, but not having the money to buy me a big gift.  I always remind them that a day like today is the best gift we could possibly give to one another.  Get out there and unwrap another day with your family!