Enjoy the Day


Day Hiking Ambassador

Snow was in the forecast as my friend Alison and I drove to the North Shore of Minnesota for 2 days of winter camping with friends at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park. Hoping for deep snow we hiked enjoying the sights around Lake Superior. Snow arrived during the night, but to our dismay it was just a dusting not enough to use our new snowshoes. Sunday morning we visited the Split Rock Lighthouse enjoying the view of the light snow on the rocky lake shore.  It was on the drive home that we drove into the quiet world of winter wonderland, about 8 inches of beautiful white soft snow.

Monday arrived sky blue and cold, screaming, go snowshoeing, and so I did in Carver Park near my home. I put on my new Tubbs gear and pulled on a new knitted gray cap made by my wife Susan. Off I went plunging into the deep snow alone for a few hours elated by the brilliance of the day. As I wandered through the woods I thought about how wonderful it is to be out and about.  While having my energy bar lunch with water at one of the observation platforms overlooking a wetland full of brown cattails I realized how special it is when we make the time to get outdoors when mother nature signals we should do so with fresh snow.

My toes were getting cold so I went into The Lowry Nature Center where I wanted to catch up with some friends who I had not seen since summer. As I approached the front desk Brett noticed my new Tubbs Snowshoe jacket and he greeted me with “Mr. Tubbs how do you like this snow”? I love it was my reply and we launched into a discussion about the wonders of winter, clear blue skies, no bugs, and the joys of being outdoors in all seasons. I left the park warm as toast after a day of making tracks in new snow.