Snow Trekking (Tracking) in Fresh Snow

By Forest Hills School in Tubbs Get Outdoors Program

Almost everyone can relate to an experience where they have woken up after an overnight snowfall to an ice and snow covered world that was transformed into something amazingly strange, new, and beautiful. We are finding out that utilizing snowshoes in a public school physical education setting can transform something as simple as a winter walk/hike on school grounds that students have traversed countless times into a brand new exciting experience.


Part of our goal in incorporating snowshoeing into our physical education curriculum was to introduce a lifetime/sport skill to our students that they could easily utilize in the many local and state parks or rural countryside surrounding our district. We have also hoped to show them that wintertime does not necessarily mean “indoor time”. There are plenty of activities and opportunities for activity in the outdoors during winter.  One of the best things that we have discovered as we start our program is the ability of outdoor, winter activity, like snowshoeing to transform the mundane into something new and exciting. One activity suggestion is a snow track scavenger hunt. Send your students out on a mission to discover/uncover as many animal tracks as possible in the freshly fallen snow. A great way to get exercise, introduce cross-curricular instruction into your physical education classes, and have your student learn and discover about local wildlife.