Snowshoe resources

By Forest Hills School in Tubbs Get Outdoors Program

I’m not exactly sure what type of audiences read these blog posts, but as public elementary school we are constantly looking for ways to connect snowshoeing with learning that is taking place in other classrooms around the school. Snowshoes present a great way to integrate “interdisciplinary” ideas into a physical education curriculum. The concepts and ideas that can be taught extend far beyond the basics of simply learning how to use snowshoes and the fitness benefits… safety & health in terms of proper winter weather preparation, dress, and emergency care can be integrated with lessons… history in the forms of where snowshoeing originated, how snowshoes were made, what peoples/groups/cultures used them, how it made their work/lives easier and even possible… science can extend into concepts about any natural science for example weather, biology in locating local flora and fauna, geology, stream monitoring, and as we’ve mentioned in previous posts compass and map reading skills.

Your state department of parks/conservation and natural resources is a great place to start looking. In Pennsylvania our Department of Conservation and Natural Resources offers 1 day workshops, lesson plans, and loaner kits out to schools that attend the training. They might be able to connect some of the interdisciplinary learning that is associated with science/natural world. The internet is also a great place to search for innovating and exciting ideas…. Here’s some links to organizations that deal with youth and snowshoeing and/or winter snow sports….