WOW – The 2013 Tubbs Romp to Stomp Event

-Lisa C.

Trail Walking Ambassador

WOW!  Three simple letters and one word is all I need to describe the 2013 Tubbs Romp to Stomp!

This wasn’t my first Romp.  I know the drill.  But I wasn’t prepared for the energy this year’s Romp brought.  Was it the volunteers buzzing around?  Was it the flashes of pink everywhere?  Was it the laughter?  Was it the friendships?  Was it the camaraderie? The blue sky?  The crisp clean air?  Or the arctic temperatures?  Or everything?

I was fortunate enough to “work” the Romp prior to snowshoeing so I finally know how it all comes together and I’ll share what I learned.  Take a group of amazing, energetic, hardworking and caring individuals and give them one goal….make this year’s Romp better than the last.  Let me tell you ….. that’s one tall order.  And this year, Tubbs nailed it!

Tents were set up.  Bags and bags of snowshoes were unpacked, organized and ready for the Rompers.  I was fortunate enough to work one of the Tubbs tents. I worked the prize wheel!  I felt like Bob Barker from the Price is Right!  Contestants had to spin the wheel and answer a question.  How fun is that!  Let’s see…..most people’s favorite snowshoe snack food is granola.  The hardest part of snowshoeing is walking backward, or so I’m told.  A lot of contestants were quite creative when asked where can a person snowshoe?  My favorite question was, why are you snowshoeing today.   For some it was the physical challenge.  For some it was more personal, someone in their lives has been touched by breast cancer.  No matter what the question, every answer was correct and brought a smile!

Enough spinning.  It’s time to snowshoe!  The temperature was a balmy 7 degrees without the wind.  And the well let’s just say if you wanted to fly a kite that morning…’d have no problem!

I know what most people are thinking.  This is why I don’t snowshoe!  And truth be told, not too long ago I felt the same way.  But not anymore.

What worked for me?  Two pairs of wool socks with feet/toe warmers stuck to the bottom of my socks.  A good pair of boots.  Long johns under my ski pants kept my legs warm.  Turtle neck, warm top, warm vest, face warmer, gloves with hand warmers inside, a warm hat and pair of sunglasses.  I’m ready to go.

I chuckled as I remembered a volunteer’s advice to a newbie.  “There is a 12-step program to learn how to snowshoe.  Once the snowshoes are on, walk 12 steps and you got it!”

Mother Nature didn’t disappoint us this year.  The trails were gorgeous…..challenging at times, but gorgeous.  No one complained about the cold or the wind.  Instead I heard lots of “oohs and aahs”, lots of chatter among friends.  And an occasional “ugh” when the trail got a little hilly, but those “ughs” turned into laughter once you reached the top.  I even saw a few adventurous snowshoe enthusiasts trying out yoga poses!

If you live in an area where there is a Tubbs Romp to Stomp  … check it out!  You will not be disappointed.  And if you don’t?  No problem!  You can snowshoe right in your own backyard!

Happy trails my friends! 🙂