Remember To Take it All In

-Suzann L.  Backcountry Ambassador

Too often when I snowshoe I’m looking down to make sure I’m stepping where I’m supposed to be. So this excursion I decided to try to look around more at my surroundings and notice the little things (and big things!). We drove up to Jardine, Montana, which overlooks Yellowstone National Park and decided to do some backcountry snowshoeing hoping to get some great overviews of the park.

We both had our FLEX ALP Tubbs snowshoes on and we brought our Tubbs snowshoe poles since we didn’t know what kind of terrain we would be getting into. About a mile into the hike and some definite elevation gain, we reached our first vantage point of Yellowstone, Electric Peak, and the North Entrance to the Park. Simply beautiful! At this point I actually remembered that I was supposed to be focusing on looking around more and enjoying the surroundings more than the view of my feet in the snowshoes. About a quarter mile more up the trail we saw some tracks across the unbroken snow and wondered what could have made them. Looking directly around us, we found nothing, but as we looked up the hillside, we found a group of elk, two bulls, and several cows. What a site! We stood there admiring the elk moving up the hill for at least 10 minutes before we realized we should probably get moving again ourselves.

Getting hungry, we tried to find the next open area to have lunch in the sun, and hopefully have a view while eating our grub. We were in luck! A pristine open area, looking down now on Yellowstone and fresh powder that hadn’t been disturbed. Lunch consisted of left over cold pizza (yum!) and some jelly beans that had frozen in our packs. Laughter ensued when we almost chipped our teeth trying to eat them.   (Note to self: keep these next to the body next time to ensure they don’t freeze!)

After lunch and after taking the classic ‘feet picture’ we found our way back down to the car. What a beautiful day to be outside and notice the ‘little things’ in life.