Why I Volunteer for the Romp

February 9, 2013, University of Minnesota Arboretum. Cloudy, windy, but not cold, in the 20’s. It felt colder, though, because it was damp and windy. Despite the dreary day, over 100 people showed up to walk in the woods and raise money for breast cancer research.

Lots of groups have costumes, lots of pink, tiaras, all sorts of goofy stuff. Most of them need snowshoes, so Tubbs supplies lots–perhaps 200 pairs– of snowshoes.  In the middle of all of this craziness, kids, old ladies, families, young people, you’ll be helping someone get their snowshoes, and they’ll tell you, rather quietly, I’m a survivor. That’s why I’m doing this. And you want to give them a big hug, but don’t want to embarrass them, so you just say, that’s pretty cool. Good for you. And they go walk in the woods, grateful to be alive to see another snowy day in the Minnesota woods.