Fresh Tracks on Snowshoes

-Tom L.

Day Hiking Ambassador

 I followed the snowplow on the road into Carver Park and was the first snowshoer to make fresh tracks on the snowy trails and fondly recalled how I had done the very same thing six years ago when I first started snowshoeing regional parks around the Twin Cities. Much to my delight, I spent the next 3 hours alone in the woods with the falling snow covering me lightly as I looked for animal tracks. The animals must have taken the morning off as there were only a few tracks, probably made in the early morning as the storm was subsiding. My looking around yielded a brief enjoyable view of the Pileated Woodpecker I thought to myself, this was a nice end to the season of snowshoeing. I reflected on the new experiences I had as Tubbs Snowshoe Ambassador.  My favorite experience was the Romp To Stomp event at the U of M Landscape Arboretum, the 200+ crowd energy was electrifying.