Splore Season Review


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Season Review | Tubbs Snowshoes

May, 2013


Splore had a great winter season and the Tubbs snowshoes made it even better, the staff enjoyed using the new snowshoes as much as, if not more than, the clients themselves did. We chose ones that we great for the variety of terrain that we use throughout the season.


The binding system allowed for easy demonstration and the clients to adjust on the fly. We did have a few issues with the kid’s shoes falling off their tiny feet but it is nearly impossible to create a binding small enough for all the little feet of the world. The sizes fit our clients well. The small shoes mostly fit our younger clients and the larger sizes fit everyone else. The snowshoes were not cumbersome for our smallest clients either. We hope to make more backcountry trips next year with the snowshoes and really test their capability.


During the non-winter months we are storing them in our winter shed. We have wiped them down with WD40 to help repel any moisture. They are paired up and hung in up ready for the snow to fly again.


Thanks for making this happen for us and allowing us to offer more snowshoeing opportunities to our clients.