Thanks, Mom!

-Michelle F.

Kids/Family Ambassador

I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, don’t be too jealous! I started skiing at a young age, going up and down the empty streets of my childhood home on the hillside in south Anchorage. By 8 my mom had my sister and I on the ski slopes and we spent all day going as fast as we could down the hill with huge smiles on our faces. I attribute my mom with encouraging and inspiring me to participate in winter activities of all kinds, not to mention buying all that equipment! Many years there were new skis and boots under the Christmas tree. My mom is still inspiring me, by planning a family get-together next winter, skiing of course!

I am motivated to get outside almost every day for the simple reason that it feels good. Winter lasts 6 months out of the year here in Alaska and you need to get outside and do something or risk getting the blues or cabin fever. Now that I have a family I want to pass along my passion and appreciation for winter activities by involving my 2 daughters and husband. I am a firm believer that outdoor activities are the foundation of a healthy and happy lifestyle. With kids it is sometimes challenging to get them out the door, but once they are out its usually well worth the effort and beats sitting on the couch any day. I am not afraid to admit that I have used bribery and other incentives on my family as an initial motivator. Games, rewards and really good snacks help too.

Please consider choosing me as an ambassador because my family embraces the outdoors and snow shoeing would allow us the opportunity to see and experience the backcountry together doing an activity that promotes a healthy and fun lifestyle. I would be able to share those experiences with other families and maybe even inspire others to get moving and try something new. With access to trails and mountains so close to our home it makes complete sense, at least to this self-described winter sports enthusiast. Family snow shoeing adventures sound like a lot of fun, now I just have to convince my kids!