Q & A with Eliza

Name: Eliza

Where did you grow up? Bountiful, Utah

Where do you live now? Draper, Utah

3 things we should know about you? 

–        I enjoy doing anything outside, especially running, hiking, and now snowshoeing.

–        I love to make food and eat it!

–        I am a Mormon and nothing else makes me happier.

When did you first try snowshoeing? Just last January. I loved it and am excited to go more once it snows again!

Favorite beverage while snowshoeing? Water, all the way!

Favorite snack while on the trails? Laura Bars, Sun Chips, and almonds.

What words do you live by?  Enjoy the journey.

Dream vacation?  Hiking all over Europe.

What is your favorite place to snowshoe? So far I have only been snowshoeing in Utah, but there are some great trails, beautiful mountains, and always lots of snow here in the winter!

Cat or dog?  Definitely dog.

Ice cream or gelato?  Ice cream, but I love both.

Sunrise or sunset?  Sunset.