Q & A with Michelle

Name: Michelle F

Where did you grow up? Anchorage, Alaska

Where do you live now? Anchorage, Alaska

3 things we should know about you?

  1. Winter is my favorite season, I love all winter sports and play on several hockey teams in addition to my cross country skiing addiction and soon to be snowshoeing obsession
  2. I ALWAYS have gear in my car for spontaneous outdoor activities – in fact my skis are still in my Thule carrier on top of my car (just in case!) and I have my road bike and running gear ready for my lunchtime workout.
  3. I am super stubborn and hate quitting so sometimes this can be a problem if on adventures and weather gets bad or time is running out….I usually want to press on while others in my group want to bag it and head back. I like to meet my goals whether it’s the end of a valley, top of a peak, or a set distance.  I am working on this – especially when kids are in tow.

When did you first try snowshoeing?  Late Teens…17 or 18

Favorite beverage while snowshoeing? Coffee

Favorite snack while on the trails? Trail Mix – all kinds

What words do you live by?  Work hard and make things happen, impossible is not an option

Dream vacation?  Trekking in Nepal/India

What is your favorite place to snowshoe?  Chugach Mountains – right out by backyard!

Cat or dog? DOG, I have 2 currently but have had up to 4 in the past

Ice cream or gelato?   Coffee Gelato

Sunrise or sunset?  Sunrise