Welcome our 2013/14 Ambassador Team!

We were humbled by the number of entries we received to for our 2013/14 Ambassador Program. The stories ranged from hilarious to humbling – it’s amazing how a snowshoer can be anybody and is everyone. It was a hard task to pick the winners but we couldn’t be more excited about the team we have on board this year. We have families that will be sharing tricks about how to keep all ages entertained, to stories about traveling off the trail and into the backcountry. Believe me when we say there will be a story for everyone! We have to admit to learning something from each of our Ambassadors last year, and know this year will be another opportunity to learn from each of these awesome team members.

So, without further ado, here are our new Ambassadors. Check out these links now to see their submission and the fun Q & A we posed to them. After all the sunshine of summer, and as we get into the fall, they’ll start posting more frequently once snow is on the ground.

Kids/Family Category

  • Michelle usually hits the trails with her husband and two girls. Follow them on their adventures in Alaska.
  • John is back for his second year to share more snowshoeing knowledge. Last year his family went all out camping overnight and cutting down their christmas tree on snowshoes (two separate trips). We knew we had to ask him back since he has more to share! Follow his family of 5 as they take on all terrain, year-round in Washington.

Trail Walking Category

  • Eliza and her husband have been out on snowshoes before but can’t wait to go out more frequently. Follow them as they snowshoe through Utah!  I think we can all relate to her worry that her first trip might end in embarrassment!
  • Susie is an outgoing gammy that can’t wait to try something new. She is excited to get her huge group of friends and family on the snow with her for adventures in Oregon. Follow along from the comforts of home!

Day Hiking Category 

  • Rich’s honest writing stopped us in our tracks when reading his submission. Follow him as he finally caves in to his snowshoes pleading requests to get out on snow in Vermont!
  • Kathy had us laughing from the beginning of her post about being a snowshoe virgin. It’s a must read post!
  • Jan has been a long-time member of the Tubbs family that we are so excited to have on board officially. Follow her as she continually gets friends and family out on snow and they always look like the group that is having a blast!  Her photos will make you wish you were with her group!
  • Brent and Dorian are also long time members of the Tubbs family and we are thrilled to be working with them!  Located in Canada they frequently are on snow and go so far as to have snow igloos. Get inspiration from this fun team!

Backcountry Category 

  • Maciej’s submission about snowshoeing abroad had us hooked and nodding in agreement about the stillness that can be found in the outdoors. Follow him as he travels looking for adventure!
  • Tim lives in Minnesota and has laughed off snowshoeing right by wolves. Yes, you read that correctly! If you want to see what Tim is up to and live vicariously through his adventures, he is the one to follow!

We hope after reading more about each of these Ambassadors you’ll follow along from home and feel inspired to join them out on the trails.

Winter is waiting!


The Tubbs Team