Waiting for Perfect

Dog ready to snowshoe

The usual family of four is currently down to 2 players, my husband is out of town on a business trip – missing out on the arrival of the season’s first snow.  My oldest daughter broke her wrist while playing hockey in an out of state tournament, needless to say she is one armed at the moment and taking it easy for another 3 weeks.  In the past month, the crazy weather had fluctuated between just below zero (F) and up to 35 threatening to melt the precious snow. My daughter Natalie (age 6) and I decided we needed to get outside and play no matter what this was happening!  We packed up first thing Sunday morning with all the necessary gear, snacks and then some.  Out the door by 900a we headed for mountains and by 930a we were on the trail.  This was Natalie’s first time on snowshoes and though she has done plenty of other activities like cross country skiing, downhill skiing and ice skating, I thought she would need me to help her get going.  I can be wrong on occasion; she had her gear on before me, poles and all and took off up the trail.  Being the optimist she declared that we were going to snow shoe 10 miles today, being the realist I suggested that we play it by ear and see how it goes.  The weather turned out to be perfect, a balmy 28F with no wind which feels like a day at the beach after a week of zero to subzero temperatures, so warm we ditched our hat and gloves on the climb.  Our light and fast Tubbs snowshoes had us almost 1 mile up the south fork trail when we spotted a lovely park bench which made for a perfect spot to sit and have a snack.  We had a nice talk just the two of us and a great view of the valley, really couldn’t have asked for a nicer way to spend the morning.  I suggested we turn around and head back to the car where I had stashed some chocolate for our return, we had a good thing going and although it wasn’t 10 miles this time, maybe it would be next time if we keep it fun, light and of course let the little one be in front leading the way.

Michelle F.
Kids / Family Ambassador

Mom and kid snowshoe