An Early Christmas

Couple snowshoeing

Christmas came early for me this year when two large packages arrived on my doorstep in June. Back then, at the beginning of the hot summer months, my first chance use my new snowshoeing gear seemed so far away. But as the months grew colder and the first big snow storms came in early December, my anticipation and excitement grew. As I looked at the snow covered mountains near my house, it seemed as if they were calling to me.

I finally had my first snowshoeing escapade a few days before Christmas. Using my Tubbs snowshoes was one of the best presents I got this year. It was great to get out, breathe the fresh mountain air, and see the beautiful, snow-covered scenes. Even though I had only been snowshoeing once before, I felt so at home on my snowshoes. Figuring out how to use the poles and snowshoes came a lot easier than I thought, and I moved around more confidently than before.

Just as I have eagerly awaited the snow this year, I have also been anticipating another event. About the time I received my Tubbs snowshoes in the mail, I found out that I am pregnant! I wondered how I would be able to go snowshoeing and have a baby this winter. But now, with only four weeks until my due date, I am confident I will still be able to snowshoe all winter long. Even with a big baby bump, I can still move around mostly as before. During the next few weeks while I wait for the baby to arrive, snowshoeing will be a great way to stay active. And after the baby is born, I know I will be grateful for the chance to move around and get out of the house. Maybe I will even take my baby boy snowshoeing with me when he gets a few months older!


Trail Walking Ambassador