Get Fit Snowshoeing This Winter

Did you know snowshoeing burns 420-1000 calories per hour? Build cardio, strength, agility, and endurance all at once when you snowshoe in the cool fresh air.


Buddy Up & Burn
Research shows that friends who exercise together achieve better results.

Break Trail to Lose Tail
Breaking trail through fresh powder takes increased physical effort, for a more intense workout. 

Bump Up the Beat
When exercising, choosing tunes with a faster beat can make you pick up your snowshoeing pace!

Add Weights to Lose Pounds
Looking for even more of a workout? By adding ankle, wrist, or packed weights, you will raise your exertion level, increasing calorie loss.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
Not everyone can get out in the snow each day. Keep your fitness dedication going at home with these simple exercises you can do in your living room.

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