Have you ever experienced an inversion?


In it’s simplest terms, an inversion is when you get cold temperatures at lower levels, and warmer temperatures at higher levels. 

We don’t pretend to completely understand it all, but we experience it here in the pacific northwest from time to time. From these two photos, (one at sunrise and one at sunset) you can see the layer of cloud/fog down below, and the clear skies up above. It’s so great when you leave the nasty fog and get up into the sunshine. Sadly, the warmer temps up high aren’t great for snowfall, but there is something to be said about snowshoeing in shorts and a t-shirt. At our favourite secret spot to hang out, the snowpack is only 95cm. (hint: there are 2.5 cm in an inch) Hey, give metric a chance…you’ll like it! (eventually…) We snowshoe with folks at least 3 times per week at one of our mountains, and this year we are telling everyone about the mysterious “El No-No”, the angry god of rain, inversions, and above freezing temperatures. El No-No rides the pineapple express big time. Thankfully, we’ve had almost 2 weeks of sunshine up top, and enough variation in freezing levels to keep conditions passable. What we really need are a couple of massive dumps to get this party re-ignited. This year, however, there have been as many as 100 participants at our famous drop in nights, where we toss on a headlamp and head into the night. Our all time record is something like 200. It’s still been a really fun season so far all things considered. When we hear people complaining about conditions, we simply ask them if they’d rather be in a cubicle hovering over an excel spreadsheet. That pretty much sums it up, and after the attitude adjustment takes place, we just keep on Tubbsin’…

Brent and Dorian
Day Hiking Ambassadors