Traditional Snowshoes vs. FLEX Series

Two Constructions, Similar Benefits

One of the most common questions we are asked is, “What are the differences between a traditional snowshoe and a FLEX snowshoe?” We’d love to answer that:

Tubbs Snowshoes manufactures two constructions of snowshoes with similar benefits; traditional aluminum framed snowshoes, and FLEX series’ composite snowshoes. Both types of snowshoes provide top-quality benefits, while using different technologies to achieve those goals. These benefits include: Floatation, Strength, Control, Traction, Articulation, and Ergonomics.

Traditional Snowshoes vs. FLEX Series

The most important difference to keep in mind is the type of snow each respective type of snowshoe is intended for. Traditional snowshoes were design for deep, fresh powder, with low-moisture content; while FLEX series snowshoes were designed for maximum traction in compact snow and ice, and high-moisture content (heavy) snow.

When considering which type of snowshoe is right for you, be sure to consider what type of conditions you’ll be using them in most frequently!