A Mountaineer Morning.

Snow cave dug while snowshoeing

Thankfully the white stuff has been coming down by the bucket loads in the last few days. Initially, the snowpack was pretty unstable and avalanche warnings were high. The good news is everything around here has bonded nicely, so the mountain playgrounds are open once again! On Saturday mornings, Dorian runs a ladies only clinic. She gets to introduce women to the pleasures of confidence on snow, and she’s good at it. While she’s doing her thing with the girls, I get to do my thing which is usually exploring or digging snow caves. We generally build igloos together. The thing that we like a lot about the Tubbs Mountaineers, is that they are stiff in deep snow and provide a ton of floatation. We own the men’s 25’s, 30’s, and 36’s. Before I forget; a note about footwear.

Girls: don’t be shy to try on a men’s boot if you aren’t getting the fit from a women’s cut.

Dorian wears a men’s 8, as a women’s 9 just doesn’t make it in most brands for fit. Her men’s 8 not only fits the women’s Flex Alps, but all the Mountaineers as well. We share a lot depending on the conditions. The first time I wore the 36’s, I thought it felt weird at first; but you get used to them and are thankful for the crazy floatation in deep powder. Great traction and bindings as well. Anyway, I built a neat little hideout near one of our favorite spots. No one ever goes there except us, as it’s “out of the way”. I really enjoyed the Mountaineers today, and am really happy we added them to our armamentarium of Tubbs snowshoes. Funny thing: every cave or igloo we build is called “Tubbs Lodge”. We dream about owning our own little lodge someday where we could entertain on snow, then into the hot tub, and finish the night off around a cozy fireplace…

Brent and Dorian
Day Hiking Ambassadors

Tubbs Mountaineer Snowshoes inside snow cave