Tubbs’ Youngest Fan

Baby the size of a Tubbs Frontier Snowshoe

It has been a few weeks since I have been snowshoeing, but I have a pretty good reason for that. Let me introduce Tubbs’ youngest fan, measuring approximately one snowshoe long!

After being in the house for a few weeks with that cute newborn, my whole body was itching to get out and exercise. Escaping to the mountains to snowshoe was the perfect solution. This snowshoeing trip took a little more planning than others, with finding a babysitter and making sure he had enough milk. But after one more feeding, we finally got out the door and were able to enjoy a few hours of bliss in the snow. With the warmer temperatures we had to go a higher up the canyon to find a trail with enough snow. And since my body was still recovering from birth, we chose an easy and popular trail, Donut Falls. There were lots of other people out and I saw a wide range of ages, from an elderly woman to a baby. I love how snowshoeing is a great activity for all ages and can involve the whole family. I can’t wait to take my baby when he is a little older! I also love how snowshoeing is a great workout, but I hardly even notice because I enjoy it so much!

Eliza P.
Trail Walking Ambassador

Tubbs Snowshoes Ambassador Eliza snowshoeing