Snowshoe Grind Challenge 2014


Originally scheduled for February 9th, the 2014 Snowshoe Grind Challenge was rescheduled to March 15th due to inclement weather. This year was pretty special, because I subversively entered my Ladies Clinic group in the Challenge. I love to empower women on snowshoes, and this was definitely going to empower them. The event was in the morning, and the snow was floating and swirling with a nice high overcast so visibility was great and conditions were perfect. There were around 80 participants, and our team represented 6 of them. You can imagine the anticipation at the starting line surrounded by everything from elite runners to middle aged weekend warriors. We completed the entire circuit in 1 hour 20 minutes and were among the last to return, but it didn’t matter. We all crossed the finish line at the same time in unity while setting a benchmark for future Ladies Clinics teams to aspire to. Hopefully this tradition will continue. One particular woman was completely overwhelmed by a sense of accomplishment that I don’t think her life will ever be the same. Brent and I have a saying with our snowshoe guests: “memories installed and serviced”! My race bib was 051, so immediately Brent, with his nutty sense of humor dubbed us the “Area 51” team.

All but one of us were on FLEX ALPs, and I have put numerous women on them again this year. They are simply the best snowshoes for us gals who just want it all: especially in conditions that routinely vary from slush to ice to pow. 

Brent & Dorian
Day Hiking Ambassadors