Tubbs Romp to Stomp, Frisco, Colorado

As part of my season of representing Tubbs Snowshoes as an Ambassador, I was asked to participate with the marketing booth and snowshoe event Romp to Stomp in Frisco, Colorado. I knew I would enlist my sister Cindy to join me. Not only is she a recent breast cancer survivor, but she has a lively and fun spirit and I knew we would make a great team and enjoy the event. Together, we formed our team, Sister Chicks.

The experience was not only meaningful because of her recent experience, it was memorable and exciting! From selecting our outfits for the pink party and snowshoe event, to getting swept up in the camaraderie of the people participating, from start to end, we enjoyed everything about it. It was entertaining to see the thought and creativity put towards planning team outfits and the uplifting spirit of those that participated was infectious. We were all rewarded by Mother Nature with thick, heavy snow that seemed to give a sign, that there was a divine strength far and beyond, supporting the event’s cause.

Jan M.
Day Hiking Ambassador


The event has personal meaning to me.


Tubbs Marketing Booth looking ultra-festive, naturally!


I finally get to meet Kelsey from Tubbs!


The warm-up led by a local fitness instructor was much needed and FUN!


Waiting at the Start line for our turn to Romp to Stomp!


And we’re off!


Post-snowshoe, the crowd shows their support to the survivors by singing “You’ve Got a Friend” This was a meaningful part of the ceremony.


Team “Sister Chicks”! This is the first year of our annual participation in this event. Want to join our team next year? Thanks Tubbs for hosting this spectacular event!