Snow trip with Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services



Twelve youth from Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services Program enjoyed a warm winter day at Echo Summit. We started the day snowshoeing into the boulder fields of Rock Garden, gaining stunning views of the surrounding mountains, and some great terrain for snow play. The kids plunged into the meadow snow to make snow angels, and then raced each other to see how large of a snowman they could build in 15 minutes (not an easy task with the disappearing snowpack!).  Half the group snowshoed on to the ridge, enjoying a view of Lake Tahoe and Christmas Valley, while the other half stayed in the boulder field and enjoyed a snowball fight. We returned to Adventure Mountain trailhead for lunch, followed by an afternoon of sledding. The rapidly melting snow led to lots of snow piles on the runs, making sledding an adventure that inevitably led to “catching air”. The kids left with big smiles and sore butts. It had been the first time in the snow for most of the kids, and all are looking forward to coming back.